Off the beaten track, further down from Phuket and Krabi (2-3 hrs), Trang has much to offer in unspoilt natural beauty of its islands, waterfalls, sea caves, corals ... and culture! Unlike other touristic places, with pizza parlours, bakeries, mcdonald's, boutiques, Trang people are still ... well ... the same as they have been since their ancestors, mostly along the coast and islands of Trang. Their simple back-to-nature lifestyle will give you a glimpse of the last frontier of Natural Thailand.

Tourist site development has taken a very nature-conservative approach, differing from other provinces, not to say that Trang has few attractions but these many years, the Thai Government has proclaimed various parts of Trang as National Marine Parks, inhibiting the growth of mass tourism which would destroy its beauty ... even resort development is restricted, as such most land is owned by the National Marine Park. There are as few as 10 resorts around the coasts and islands of Trang unlike hundreds in other places.

Trang is noted to have some spectacular tourist attractions such as the Emerald Cave at Mook Island (Koh Mook), Tham 'Lay' (Limestone Cave) at Huayot District, Magical Hot Springs at Kantang District, a Pirate's Cave within a mangrove forest at Hadyao, and also the last habitat of the Dugongs (at Libong Island).

The Back-to-Nature Resorts Group Co.Ltd. was founded in 1997 by two Bangkok University professors/researchers who took early retirement to develop an eco-friendly tourist environment. They chose to set up a new business in the beautiful Haad ChaoMai National Marine Park in the Trang province of South Thailand.

The main concern of the company is to work with the forestry and fisheries authority to develop touristic sites that would not harm the environment and would allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The National Park contains much unspoiled rainforest, deserted beaches, coral reefs, and much wildlife. Many examples of rare birds can be seen, being the home or visiting place of many other birds. It is also home to the last known herd of Dugongs (Sea Cows) - Libong Island.

There are currently three resorts operated by the Back-to-Nature Resorts Group, one of which is on Libong Island (Libong Nature Beach Resort), the second one is on the coast (HaadYao Nature Resort) and the third, on the plantation between Krabi and Trang Province (Trang Nature Farm Resort).

Mission Statement
We run an honest business that enables people to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and will work to ensure that for 
generations to come we will still be able to experience this environment unspoilt. 
We support the local community
We do nothing to destroy the natural environment of the area (both land and sea)
        We do not trade with those who damage or destroy the environment
We treat our staff fairly and with respect
We promote the benefits of conservation 
We help our customers enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the area
  We support and help others with an interest in conservation
We do not lie or cheat our customers
We always try to exceed our customers' expectations
We support local business and provide employment opportunities for the local people wherever possible
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