Haadyao Nature Resort  
    (A Holy Spot where Ancient Saints gathered Annually to Meditate. Until recently, this was one of the
    hiding place where pirates roam a generation or two ago. Their caves can be visited now.) 

    Current Eco-friendly Health-promoting Facilities: 

    1. Variety of room types to suit even the most fussy person. 

    2. Different interior decorations such as “Safari”, “Traditional Thai”, “Local Wildlife”, “Simple Luxury” and
       “Local Arts & Craft” etc, to please all discerning guests.

    3. Hand-pounded coconut husk mattresses that massages any tired body and can be washed and
       sun-sanitised easily because they’re light, yet hardy.

    4. Every room is well ventilated and most with sun-lit bathrooms to free the soul while having a shower.

    5. Most rooms are air-conditioned but cooling fans are provided for those without.

    6. The resort has a small library (mostly in English) for Guests use (FOC) and also satellite internet facility
        (for our in-house Guests only) at a small charge.

    7. Our resort is the hub of all inter-island activities and tours and travel. We are the most professional 
        and most reliable when it comes to organising tours and travel.  

    8. Over the years, we have developed award-winning tours, namely the Dugong Tracking / Bird watching
        Expedition, Island hopping Delight, DIY Pirate’s Cave/ Mangrove Exploration, and Aquarium / Waterfall
        Land Tour. Talk to our Resident Manager.

    9. Our food and drinks are carefully selected and prepared hygienically for health and safety of our Guests. 
        We grow and buy from organic farms and support free-range seafood from locals.  

   10. There’s a local village next door. Feel free to walk around (not barefoot) and see social change in action.

   11. Every Baht you spend with us is used directly for Nature Conservation activities and training of locals.
        You can ask our Resident Manager how we do it.  

   12. Anti-UV glass doors and windows to cut off harmful rays from the sun.

Latest edition published August 2007
Trang Province - page: 725

'...Haadyao Nature Resort rooms & bungalows. Run by enthusiastic
naturalists, this place offers a variety of environmental tours in
the Hatyao area. Very orderly and homey bungalows come with
shared baths, while the better self contained bungalows have
verandas and frilly extras. There’s  also a great pier where you can
watch the fisherman ply their trade over tasty Thai victures...'

'...Haadyao Nature Resort is an efficiently run, eco-friendly
resort whose aims are nature conservation and helping the local
communities. There are fan cooled rooms with shared bath, as well
as nicer self-contained rooms and bungalows with hot water and
air-con, some which have balconies over the canal. The breezy
waterside restaurant serves up Western breakfasts, vegetarian
food and excellent squid and other seafood dishes...'

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